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Jenny - 22
I enjoy coffee way too much. I am a huge geek and thats fine with me. I really like hockey, batman, candles, and body positivity.

Todd - 30
Todd is the biggest dork that I have ever met. He runs a toy and prop making company from home. He is amazing with computers and electronics. He really likes Nirvana and Foo Fighters (but I mean honestly who doesn't?)
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Rifle Paper Co & BHLDN tablecloth. so pretty!
Source: http://usa.weddbook.com/media/1213343/tablescapes

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Kids Table Inspiration



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Gorgeous DIY wax paper backdrop. Directions here: Style Me Pretty.

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Bridal Shower Breakfast Idea: Mini Pancake Stacks - http://goo.gl/p9izLO - find more inspiration at www.diyweddingsmag.com #diyweddings #weddingcrafts

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